Patmos Library Bylaws

ARTICLE I – Establishment and Purpose of Bylaws.
Section 1. Name. This Patmos Library of Jamestown Township, Michigan was
established by the virtue of the provisions of the City, Village and Township Libraries Act, 1877
PA 164, (“Act 164”).
Section 2. Annual Review. These Bylaws are rules governing the internal affairs of the
Library. The bylaws should be reviewed annually.Board members as of June 15, 2017

ARTICLE II – Membership
Section 1. Board. The Board shall consist of six (6) Members elected pursuant to the
requirements of PA 164. Unless otherwise provided in PA 164, a Board Member shall hold
office until a successor is elected and qualified.

Section 2. Vacancies. The office of a Board Member becomes vacant when the
incumbent dies, resigns, is convicted of a felony, is removed from office by the governor under
section 10 of article V of the state constitution of 1963, or, ceases to be a qualified elector of the
Village of Jamestown. In the event of a vacancy, the Board shall appoint a qualified person to
hold the vacant office until the next election at which village officers are elected.
Section 3. Individual Authority. Board Members have no authority as individuals, apart
from that specified in these Bylaws or applicable law, but rather exercise their authority
collectively with Library Board action.
Section 4. Attendance. Election to the Library Board is a privilege freely sought by the
nominee. It carries with it the responsibility to participate in Library Board activities and
represent the patrons of the Library. Attendance at Library Board meetings is critical to fulfilling
this responsibility. A Board Member who cannot attend a meeting bears the responsibility of
notifying the President and Director concerning this absence

ARTICLE III — Powers of the Board of Trustees
Section 1. Authority. The Library Board may exercise any and all of the powers granted
to it by PA 164 and federal and Michigan law. If permitted by law, the Library Board may
delegate such powers to the Officers of the Board and/or the Library Director as it deems
Section 2. Budget. The Library Board shall have the exclusive control of the budget of
the Library. The fiscal year of the Library shall be the annual period commencing April 1 and
ending the following March 31. The Library Board shall prepare and make available an annual

Section 3. Audit. The Library Board shall obtain an annual audit by an independent
certified public accountant selected by the Board, all in accordance with Michigan law. The
Library Board may authorize an audit of the Library Fund to occur at the same time and along
with the audit of the Township’s funds generally.

ARTICLE IV — Officers
Section 1. Officers. Officers of the Board shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary,
and Treasurer.
Section 2. Term. The officers shall be elected for a term of two (2) years at the regular
meeting in April of the Library Board. An officer shall serve until the appointment of a
Section 3. Vacancies. Vacancies in office shall be filled by the Board at the next regular
meeting of the Board following the occurrence of a vacancy, except for the office of President, in
which case the Vice-President shall assume the duties of the office for the remainder of the
unexpired term. A successor Vice-President shall be elected to fill the vacancy so created in that

ARTICLE V – Duties of the Officers
Section 1. President. The President shall preside at all meetings, appoint committees,
authorize calls for any special meetings and generally perform the duties of a presiding officer.
Section 2. Vice President. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall
perform the duties of the President. In the case of the resignation, disability or death of the
President, the Vice-President shall assume the office for the remaining term.
Section 3. Secretary. The Secretary of the Library Board shall ensure that minutes of the
Library Board meetings and other library records are kept in accordance with Michigan law. In
compliance with any requirements of state law regarding the holding of meetings, the Secretary
shall issue notices of all regular meetings, and of all special meetings, and shall have the custody
of the minutes and other records of the Board of Trustees. With the approval of a majority of the
Board and if permitted by law, the secretary may delegate any of these responsibilities to the
Library Director.
Section 4. Treasurer. The Treasurer shall control expenditures from the Library fund
through a system of vouchers presented by authorized personnel. The Treasurer shall work with
the Township Treasurer to ensure that the Library Fund is being maintained and the moneys
received by the Library are deposited into the Library Fund. A record of all moneys received or
deposited to the Library Fund, and all disbursements, sales and transfers from the fund shall be
kept by the Treasurer, and reported monthly to the Library Board at its regular meeting. In
addition, the Treasurer shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed for him or her by
State or Federal law and these bylaws. With the approval of a majority of the Board and if
permitted by law, the Treasurer may delegate any of these responsibilities to the Library

ARTICLE VI — Meetings
Section 1. Regular Meetings. The regular meeting of the Library Board shall be held on
each month, the date and time to be set by the Board at its annual meeting. Within ten (10) days
following the annual meeting, a notice shall be posted in a public place at the Library setting
forth the dates, times, and places of all regular meetings scheduled for the ensuing year. If there
is a change in the schedule of regular meetings of a public body, there shall be posted within
three (3) days after the meeting at which the change is made, a public notice stating the new
dates, times, and places of its regular meetings.
Section 2. Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting of the Library Board shall be the first
regular meeting of the calendar year, and shall be for such organizational matters as may be
Section 3. Special Meetings. Special meetings may be called by the President or upon
written request of two Trustees, provided eighteen (18) hours of notice, in the format and manner
as provided by the Michigan Open Meetings Act, is given of the time, place and purpose for
which such meeting is called. Trustees not present at the time of announcement of such special
meeting shall be notified by the Secretary.
Section 4. Agenda. The proposed agenda shall be distributed by the Secretary to all
members at least three (3) days before the meeting. The following items will constitute the
agenda for regular meetings.

Call to order and attendance
Approval of agenda
Approval of minutes
Citizens’ comments
Financial report, including approval of bills
Library Administrator’s report
Committee reports
Old business
New business

Section 5. Quorum. A quorum for the transaction of business shall consist of the
majority of Library Board members appointed or elected and serving.
Section 6. Board Action. Any Board action must be approved at a Library Board
meeting by a majority of the quorum of the Library Board, unless otherwise provided by law.
Section 7. Approval Procedure. The procedure for action at the meeting shall be as

A. All actions, whether by resolution or by motion, shall be moved and
supported before discussion. If a motion is not supported, it shall not be
taken up for discussion.

B. After an action is moved and supported, it shall be open for discussion by
members of the Board.
C. Members shall seek recognition by the President before speaking.
D. Any motion or resolution under discussion may be amended prior to
adoption by the following action:
1. The proposed amendment is moved and supported.
2. The proposed amendment is open for discussion.
3. Following discussion, or upon request by a member of the Board,
the President shall call the amendment for approval.
4. If the amendment passes by majority vote, the originally proposed
action shall be considered as amended.

E. Following discussion, or upon request by a member of the Board, the
President shall call the action for approval.
F. Unless otherwise requested by a member of the Board or required by law,
all actions shall be taken by voice vote signifying “Aye” or “Nay.”

ARTICLE VII – Committees
Section 1. Committee Appointments. All committees of the Library shall be appointed
by the Library Board President. The President may decide to appoint himself or herself
an ex-officio member of any committee. As directed by the Library Board, the Library
Director may serve as resource person to any committee.
Section 2. Purposes. The Library may have committees as follows:
A. Ad hoc Committees of the Library shall exist until their specified purpose
is completed or unless otherwise disbanded by the President. The
President shall provide specific purposes and duties of the ad hoc
B. The standing committees of the Board shall consist of less than a quorum
of the Library Board. Committees shall convene on the call of its
President or Library Director and, when ready or requested by the
President, report their findings at a regular or special Library Board
meeting. The following standing committees shall have the powers and
responsibilities prescribed:
1. Budget Committee: The committee shall review the budgets and
accounts and make recommendations to the Library Board with
respect thereto.

2. Policy Committee: The committee shall review existing policies,
recommend new policies and make recommendations to the Board
with respect to policy issues. Proposed changes in policy will be
brought to the attention of the Library Administrator and to the
Policy Committee for consideration. However, the Library Board
has final approval of all Library policies.
3. Personnel Committee. The committee shall review and discuss
personnel issues as determined by the Library Board and/or
Library Director.

ARTICLE VIII — Library Director
Section 1. Appointment of Director. The Library Director shall be considered the
executive officer of the Library.
Section 2. Duties. The Library Director shall be in charge of the administration of the
Library under the direction and review of the Board. The Library Administrator shall be
responsible for:

A. Overseeing the care of the building and equipment;
B. The employment, development, and direction of the staff;
C. The Library’s service to the community;
D. The annual preparation of a budget proposal;
E. The operation of the Library under the financial conditions set forth in the
budget approved by the Board;
F. The submission of the proposed budget to the Board by its regular
September meeting;
G. The written annual report of the Library, including the financial
statements, when they are made available; and
H. Any other duty delegated by the Library Board.
Section 3. Meeting Attendance. The Library Director or the Library Director’s
representative shall be expected to attend all meetings of the Library Board unless otherwise
directed by the Library President.

ARTICLE IX — Amendments
Section 1. These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Board by a
majority vote of all members elected or appointed and serving, provided the amendment was
presented in writing at the previous regular meeting.