Book Donation Policy

Thank you for considering donating your used books to Patmos Library. We sort the donations, add the treasures to our collection, and give the remaining books in good condition to the Friends of the Patmos Library for their book sales. Even though some donations may not end up on the Library’s shelves, each gift will be reviewed by staff and handled accordingly. Upon request, books we cannot use may be returned to the donor. If you are considering making book donations, please keep in mind the following guidelines so that the library does not waste staff time and incur disposal costs.


  • New or like new hardback fiction and nonfiction (prefer titles less than 5 years old unless they are classics)
  • Gently used paperbacks that have not yellowed
  • Children’s books that have not been torn or marked.
  • DVD’s, CD’s, and books on CD that are in good condition.

Not Accepted

  • Books that are dirty, water-stained or moldy.
  • Garage sale leftovers.
  • Encyclopedias, textbooks, Readers Digest condensed books
  • Technology books (computers, portable devices, software, etc.) more than one year old
  • VHS and cassette tapes.

When a donation is received, a receipt is available to document the nature and size of your gift for your tax records.

We appreciate all donations made to the library in order to help better serve our community, thank you.